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Who is Offisavvy?

Our goal is to deliver seamless organizational transitions. We started Offisavvy because we have the passion, creativity, and office savvy to give you options for your office that make sense.

We help you find ways to combine and save. By handling ALL aspects of the transition, including move planning, decommissioning, relocation, and the liquidation of commercial assets we give our customers a seamless turnkey solution.

Each project is completed with a sense of professionalism and combined office know-how. Our ingrained experience with facilities and relocation projects speaks for itself.

Whatever your goals are for your new or existing workspace – we can help.

Our Clients

Offisavvy Has
You Covered

Offisavvy Has You Covered

From Beginning

To Transition

To Follow-Up

The Offisavvy Advantage We Make Office Moves Simple

Strategic Partnerships: Offisavvy collaborates with CRE professionals to achieve exceptional outcomes for tenants and clients, ensuring a successful and collaborative partnership.

Affordable and Seamless: Offisavvy delivers a cost-effective and smooth experience, minimizing disruption and maximizing value for a hassle-free project.

Turnkey Transitions: Experience a streamlined process with Offisavvy’s turnkey transitions, covering liquidation, decommissioning, relocation, and refurnishing—all in one seamless operation, eliminating the need for multiple vendors.

Efficient Project Management: Offisavvy ensures efficient project management, orchestrating a well-coordinated process from start to finish for successful outcomes that meet and exceed expectations.

Why Choose Us?

Save Space

Our free space planning service and flexible storage solutions make for seamless office and facilities transitions.

Save Money

See how our competitive relocation pricing and asset liquidation credits can add up to significant project savings.

Save Time

Fast scheduling and after-hours completion of your project ensures you get back to business with little or no downtime.

Save Steps

Our methodical step-by-step process ensures that your office project is done right the first time with little or no punch list or extra steps.

Save Energy

We plan each office project to flow smoothly from planning to completion with as little effort on your part as possible.

Save Stress

Don’t stress over your office move. We’ve got you covered. Planning and proactive communication mean you are in control every step of the way.

Our Process
The Offisavvy Experience

Schedule a relocation consultation

Schedule a consultation to discuss your relocation needs and plan the process efficiently with our expert team.

Schedule your move

Book your move date and schedule with our team to ensure a smooth and organized transition for your relocation needs.

Move Your Office!

Relocate your office hassle-free with our professional team, ensuring a smooth transition for your business operations. Schedule your move today!

Follow-up call to ensure the project is 100% complete to your satisfaction

We conduct a follow-up call to ensure that every aspect of the project is completed to your satisfaction. Your feedback matters!

Provide a detailed proposal

Submit a comprehensive proposal outlining all aspects of the relocation project, tailored to meet your specific requirements and preferences.

Pre-deliver packing and relocation supplies as needed

Arrange for the delivery of packing and relocation supplies in advance, customized to meet your specific requirements and preferences.

Follow-up crew to complete punch list (if any) and remove any remaining supplies and equipment

Our team conducts a follow-up visit to address any remaining tasks on the punch list and remove leftover supplies and equipment.

How Offisavvy Makes
Moving Easy

Plan Made for You

Our smart planners make a special plan just for your move. They think about everything – when to move, how to move, and what you need for your business.

We Do the Work

You don’t need to worry about heavy lifting. Our team takes care of packing and moving your stuff. We make sure everything is safe and sound.

Furniture Magic

We can use your old furniture or bring in new pieces. Our goal is to make your new workspace look and work just the way you want.

Check and Double Check

Before we say we’re done, we check everything. Every piece of furniture is in its place, and we make sure your new space is perfect. It’s our way of making sure you’re happy with your new office.

Success Stories

Tassia Saunders
Tassia Saunders
Awesome company! I bought a chair for my home office and ended up browsing their furniture warehouse. They had so many options for reasonable prices. Their team was also super helpful and friendly.
Alan Silverstein
Alan Silverstein
I provided services to Offisavvy, so I experienced them from the back end of their business. They were completely honest and their word is gold. If they are that good on the back end, they have to be even better on the customer service side of the equation. Additionally, they helped us find some great office conference chairs.
Jamey Murphy
Jamey Murphy
I reached out to Offisavvy regarding a conference room table and chairs. I had photos and a quote with in just under two hours.. They were able to deliver and set up nearly immediately. Their responsiveness is amazing and the quality of their items is fantastic.
Dr. Eric Swartz
Dr. Eric Swartz
The team made my office move EASY. The guys were great. Fast. And nothing was broken or missing. They stay till everything was put exactly where I wanted it. I was ready for business the next day. Thank You TEAM!
Dora Meza
Dora Meza
Amazing customer service & support. Products were delivered by a great crew. Thanks
Carla Sanchez
Carla Sanchez
We had an amazing experience with Offisavvy. They moved and installed our new office furniture! They were very professional, and did everything in a timely manner. Will contact them again for any office needs.
Robin Busteed
Robin Busteed
Our company couldn’t be happier with the work from Offisavvy. They were so professional and our move from San Diego to Colorado went so smoothly. The entire team was a pleasure to work with.
Very professional move. Great people to work with. Staff very friendly.
Jay Wylie
Jay Wylie
I am a Navy Veteran and experienced over 11 moves in 22 years and I never had a move as smooth as the one I had recently with Offisavvy. It was a difficult move to plan, but Offisavvy was there every step of the way and was extremely helpful and flexible when we needed to make changes. Their crew would not stop until everything was in place and always made sure that our team was kept safe by doing all the heavy lifting. I can't say enough about the professionalism, courtesy, a efficiency!

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